"I ran the faster Marathon in history, 2:01:37. Maurten is what fueled me. It has changed the game, now I'm going to break thew 2:00:00 record with Maurten."
Eliud Kipchoge
Fastest Marathon Runner in the World.
"I won the Chicago Marathon on Maurten"

Galen Rupp
"I was 2nd place in the 2017 Tour de France with Maurten"

Rigoberto Uran
"I just won the Boston Marathon and Maurten was my fuel"

Desiree Linden
Over 20 Major Marathons have been won in the last 2 years with Maurten.
A drink that will instantly make your faster?
We were skeptical. We were hearing rumors of a new secret drink that Nike used in their Breaking 2 effort and that major marathon winners were using but not talking about.

After many phone calls and emails we discovered the secret company in Sweden making this drink. We jump on a plane and went to meet the CEO and learn what it was all about.

“When we left the meeting in Sweden we negotiated to purchase every serving of the drink mix they had available. — Matt Johnson, Founder of The Feed
how it works
Jet fuel for your muscles
Carbs are the "jet fuel" of our muscles. We store it as glycogen in our muscles and it gets depleted as we workout. After about 40 minutes of sustained work, must people are glycogen depleted and their performance drops.

The problem is that your stomach can't digest enough carbs to keep up with the work that your muscle are doing. A decade ago, drinks tried this, but athletes would get nauseous and have what is politely know as "gastric distress". Not good.

This is what Maurten has solved, with what is called hydrogel.
The secret is hydrogel
Maurten starts out as a liquid in your water bottle like any other sports drink. When it reaches the acidity of your stomach it instantly converts to a hydrogel.

The hydrogel takes all the carbohydrates in the liquid and encapsulates them. The hydrogel then passes through your stomach to the intestine where the carbohydrates are absorbed at a much faster rate than in your stomach.

You can fuel up to 100 carbs per hour without any stomach distress. It is made from only 6 all natural ingredients. The secret incredient that forms the gel is extracted from algae.

See how the hydrogel forms
See how Maurten goes instantly from a liquid to a hydrogel when exposed to the Ph level of your stomach.
The use of hydrogels is widely considered the next generation of sports nutrition and has already been used with great effect by our team. The first day the team used Maurten we won the stage at the Giro D'Italia, it only got better, and 6 weeks later we finished on the podium at the Tour de France.
Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition EF - Drapac Pro Cycling Team (previously at Team Sky)
It's like getting a mid-air refueling for your muscles.
Athletes are setting records everywhere. Drinking Maurten allows them to maintain their peak performance for hours by refueling their glycogen levels while working out.
See what the press is saying
" ... some of the world's best marathoners, including 2016 Berlin Marathon winner Kenenisa Bekele and 2016 New York Marathon Ghirmay Ghebreslassie, were using the product to fuel their training and racing."
"Maurten is taking a new and advanced approach in solving the glycogen depletion issue, using simple ingredients to assist in the process."

Sports Illustrated
"Swedish brand Maurten makes revolutionary energy and nutrition products that have helped fuel elite athletes to victory, including the winners of all the major men's marathons in 2017..."
"Kipchoge...using the experimental sports drink produced by a Swedish company called Maurten, which encapsulates carbohydrate in a hydrogel to reportedly enhance absorption of higher concentrations of carbohydrate"
Runner's World
Boston 2018 - 1st Place
Desiree Linden 2:39:53
Tour de France 2018 - 2nd Place
Rigoberto Uran
New York Marathon 2017 - 1st Place
Geoffrey Kamworor 2:10:53
Chicago Marathon 2017 - 1st Place
Galen Rupp 2:09:20
Nike Breaking 2 - Fastest Marathon Ever
Eliud Kipchoge 2:00:25
London Marathon 2017 - 1st Place
Daniel Wanjiru 2:05:48
How to use Maurten
Choose between 160 & 320
Choose 160 if you workout is under 60 mins or it is hot and you will drink more than 2 bottles. Otherwise choose 320.
Use Gel 100 for extra energy
Gel is even more portable than the drink and doesn't require any fluid. You can use the Gel on it's own or with 160 or 320 in your workouts for extra energy.
Mix it with 500ml of water
This is really important. Only use 500 ml (or 17 oz) of water. Your bottle is probably bigger. Do NOT fill it up. Only use this much or it will effect how well the hydrogel will from.
Shake it and give it a minute
Don't just shake it and gulp away. It needs more time to dissolve. Shake it for 10 to 20 seconds. Then give it 1 to 2 minutes to fully dissolve.
Sip it, don't chug it.
While you should always take small frequent sips, we find it is even more true with Maurten.
Also great for recovery
Post workout we are seeing most of the top Pros using a bottle of 320 to quickly replenish glycogen. Especially when they have multiple racing events in a day or back to back days.
Breaking the 100 Grams of Carbs per hour Barrier
Fueling strategies with Maurten should be focused on the amount of carbohydrates per hour you are consuming. It was previously believed that we could only process 80 g of Carbs per hour and that often led to stomach distress.

With Maurten, all athletes are consuming 80g of carbs per hour and some are pushing the limits of upwards of 100g of Carbs per hour. A word of caution, don't try this for the first time on race day. If you are going to go above 80g of carbs per hour, go slowly and allow your body to adapt over 3 to 4 weeks to this higher volume of carbs.

For your reference, Maurten 320 is 80g of Carbs - Maurten 160 is 40g of Carbs.
Questions & Answers
Does Maurten also have electrolytes?
The Feed
Yes and No. Maurten Gel has 85g of sodium, which is one of the reasons that you don't need to drink water with Maurten Gel (like you should with other Gels). Maurten Drink does not have sodium. We see many athletes start with a bottle of Maurten and a bottle of an electrolyte drink, such as Skratch.
How do I mix it?
The Feed.
Maurten is not like other powdered drink mixes where you can dilute it for the right taste. Each sachet of Maurten needs to be mixed with exactly 500ml (16oz) of fluid. Not more and not less. The reason is for the Hydrogel to mix properly. If you have too much water the Hydrogel won't form properly. Also avoid drink Maurten and then have a huge sip of water or your electrolyte drink at the same time.
When do I take it during my workout?
The Feed:
It depends how long your workout is. What is important is that once you start Maurten that you sip it consistently until the end of the workout. If you run out of Maurten Drink, then you can use Maurten Gels to continue an even replinshment of carbohydrates until you complete your workout.
Kim B:
What does it taste like?
The Feed:
Good question. Technically Maurten does not have a taste and is not flavored. I feel like it tastes slightly sweet, almost like maple syrup. Most athletes really like the taste and the lack flavor has been a real positive as you are less likely to have flavor fatigue with repeated usage. Maurten 320 is a stronger "sweet" taste than Maurten 160.
What is the texture of Maurten Gel
The Feed:
Maurten Gel is a true "gel" like Jello. Whereas most other Gels you may have tried is more like a sugary syrup. Maurten Gel's texture is firmer than normal gels and not as sticky.
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