How Occlusion Training is Reinventing Endurance Athletes.
Learn how Occlusion training is giving new life to endurance athletes.
Shorten Recovery Time
and Increase Lean Muscle Mass
"B STRONG is the most revolutionary training methodology I've ever seen."
Bode Miller
Six-Time Olympic Medalist
Growth hormone secretion levels are 170% higher after BFR than traditional resistance exercises!
We often get asked the question, "How do I maintain/increase muscle quality without adding additional wear and tear on my body?"

It's common with athletes to have deteriorating joints from years and years of abuse. Unfortunately, when athletes joints start to limit their training volume/load, they think their competitive days are over.

Now with BFR Bands, you can actually use lighter weights/loads and still have the potential to add quality muscle.
"You can now exercise smarter, safer, and improve your overall strength and fitness in less time with greater results."

Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD, CMO/co-founder, B Strong
Blood Flow Restriction training has proven to increase growth hormone, IGF-1, and testosterone in aging athletes.
The ABC's of BFR
Blood Flow Restriction Training or Occlusion training are essentially one and the same. Occlusion training is where you block the blood flow to certain muscle groups during training.

By restricting blood flow in the limbs there is a change in body chemistry and the signals being sent to the brain. The actual mechanisms are an increase in nitric oxide and an increase in lactate.

Physiologically, you are getting a metabolic accumulation of organic compounds. When you accumulate lactate it increases different signaling to the brain, such as increasing Growth Hormone, IGF 1, and a release of Testosterone as well.
Does it work?
There have been over 200 studies on this style of training. Typically results have shown a 10-15% increase over the control group. This type of training is most effective as an add-on to a traditional program.

Because you are limiting oxygen supply to slow-twitch fibers it forces your fast twitch fibers which don't require oxygen to kick in even though you are using lightweight. This allows you to create muscle damage and muscle breakdown using lightweight.

The nice thing about the workout is that they are meant to be kept short and intense. Think no longer than around 10-15 minutes. BFR training is ideal for increasing lean muscle mass, promoting the production of growth hormone, and an active source of recovery.
Jim Stray-Gundersen is a world-renowned expert in Sport Performance.
Drawing from his lifetime of experience with elite level athletes and clinical populations, Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen is one of the world's leading physiologists and strongly believes that BFR will revolutionize training and rehabilitation everywhere.
It's a complete system.

No longer the secret of high performance athletes, olympians, and physical therapists, B STRONG offers a BFR training system for everyone that is affordable, safe, and easy to use. Get the same benefits of an intense workout with lower intensity and less time. How will you B STRONG?
Sizing Chart

  • 2 arm bands & 2 leg BFR bands
  • 1 hand pump
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 license for the guidance app
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